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John and Donna Filson started their Clean Water Products business in 1970,

out of their garage and the back end of a station wagon. Through long hours on the road and hard work, John sold water treatment equipment to the public through local plumbing contractors and well drilling companies. Six years later, they partnered with a local plumbing supply house, R.F. Fager Company and John expanded its water treatment division through wholesale distribution channels. In 1979, they expanded their partnership by creating and incorporating Aqua Treatment Service. John and Donna purchased all shares of ATS in 1985 and the company became the family-owned, faith-based business that it is today.

Over 40 years later, ATS continues to provide innovative ideas, to serve its customers with high-quality water treatment equipment. Offering proprietary multi-barrier disinfection systems, stainless steel mineral tanks and a complete line of residential and commercial ultraviolet sterilizers, Aqua Treatment Service is an east coast leader in the field of water treatment.