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Multi-Barrier Skids

The Multi-Barrier System approach utilizes the key strengths of multiple water treatment technologies for a Skid Mounted, Pre-Plumbed, PLC Monitored, fully-integrated total system approach to Water Disinfection. 
By choosing ATS Multi-Barrier system designs, risks associated with various Waterborne Bacteria, Cysts, and Viruses are reduced to meet your specific water treatment requirements for Ground Water, Ground Water under the influence of Surface Water (GUDI), Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation use or Flushing Toilets, and Rainwater Harvesting to Drinking Water applications. We even have a Multi-Barrier system design for Ground Water Re-Use Applications. 

State and Federal Regulations allow approval of ATS Multi-Barrier treatment systems including UV light or UV light in combination with another technology, which will ensure that the system continuously meets the 4.0 log Bacteria, Cysts, and Virus reduction requirements.

Designed specifically for your project site, each stage of treatment contributes and enhances the overall water quality including pre-treatment optional Backwashing Filters or Carbon Filters, combined with our standard Turbidity Filters, Sub-micron Filters and our High Dose UV from 40,000uws/cm2 (40mJ) NSF 55 Class A Approved to our 3rd Party Validated 186,000uws/cm2 (186mJ) 4 Log UV. 

ATS Dealers and Representatives work with you from the initial design concept through Engineering submittals and State Approvals to startups, Training, and Maintenance.